Product adapted to local culture Any product that is well received among customers and widely used in different projects shall be practical and adapted to local culture. DANILO-Italian Artistic Wall Surface Decoration Material not only provides designers with schemes but also product reference in line with the specific design style and applicable projects. Special Effect and Environmental Protection Today, when most of designers are seeking for different design and texture effects of products, DANILO-Italian Artistic Wall Surface Decorative Material is exploring the possibilities of how to enrich those special effects and save energy, reduce emission and protect the environment to the great extend. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to promoting the direct proportion between effect and environmental protection and the philosophy of sustainable development. Innovation and Popularization of Product Craftwork The great success of projects shall be attributed to the successful design, construction and products. DANILO-Italian Artistic Wall Surface Decorative Material wants to go even further and is constantly studying how to develop new effects based on its high quality materials and improve the quality and craftwork to achieve the best effect with the most application effective techniques.